New Crowdfunding Campaign Launched To Support A Browser-Based Game

The new browser game will allow players from all around the world to compete against each other


A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to bring gamers together from all around the world. Coup-de-tat is a browser based game that will allow gamers to compete against each other. Experts have already said this could become one of most exciting online games of 2016.


The campaign has been launched on Kickstarter by Our-Growth where they are launching to raise $500 to launch the game. There are a number of packages available to say thank you to supporters including, a fight pack.



Game details:


Coup-de-tat is a browser-based game where players are enslaved by alien invaders. Players are given the choice to remain loyal to their alien masters and receive powerful rewards by hunting down humans who’ve escaped their worldwide compounds. Escapee’s who rebel against their diabolical scheme, gather and organize in an underground uprising to overthrow their evil opponents, fighting to take back their planet. Players will nominate presidential and government candidates to lead them in their rebellion, yet presidents have the option to deceive their warriors by switching sides during battle thus committing treason.


Successful presidents will be rewarded so choose carefully. Players are given good and evil choices throughout the game that determine their fate, for example, good choices may bring you light and ore energy, and evil choices changes your light into darkness and deadly chakra power, you will use these powers to defeat your enemies. Train your mini pets to be vicious and strong because your mini pets may have to fight for you in the event your power diminishes. Players who have escaped the alien compounds must search and find the rebellion hideout by going through a maze of underground tunnels while being confronted by enemy aggressors trying to capture and take them back. Throughout the tunnels you will have opportunities to find various weapons and keys to unlock each gateway, (Good Luck).



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