New Dating App Launched on App Store to Connect Sugar Daddies and Single Ladies

A dating company has said they have come up with the answer to help female students struggling with their college fees, and that answer is to date a sugar daddy.

According to reports, the cost of going to college has become more expensive, and students are now finding themselves in more debt than ever before. Some educational experts have said the rising debt problem has started to put people off from going to college, but one company claims they have the answer. Sudy App, who has just released a new dating app said the way to reduce the debt problem and make college more affordable is to find a sugar daddy.

The company behind Sudy App has said they have seen a huge increase in the number of female students turning to their app to find a sugar daddy. Since being launched it has quickly become one of the most talked about dating apps around among female students looking for a rich man to provide them with an exciting lifestyle.

It is not just students looking for sugar daddies. Single ladies who want more out of life and want to be looked after are turning to Sudy App. Although this is bad news for single lads failing to find a girl to date, it’s great news for rich men looking for younger women to date.

There are plenty of sites that offer sugar daddy services, but these require login names, access to the site and having to log in each time to check for messages and interested daddies. For the rising young lady on the move, this is too much trouble. Their solution is the Sudy app.

Sudy connects eligible sugar daddies and babies via a swipe and vote system similar to other dating style apps, but Sudy is designed strictly around sugar daddies and babies.

The app allows users to connect with nearby, appropriate matches. Each member is verified, or users can choose anonymity for personal protection.

Sudy also allows free messaging back and forth between users, allowing potential sugar babies to find the perfect daddy for their specific needs.

Those who find a potential match have the opportunity to tap for a “Like” or “Pass” depending on the attractiveness of the user or use the “vote in” feature for similar effect. The app then filters for the user based on these options. This narrows the pool more and more each time until a solid connection is made.

Sudy is available in the App Store and Google Play. Downloading is free as is the membership.

Additional information, including a blog that helps explain the sugar daddy system and helpful tips, is available at the website. Visit

About Sudy App
The new app helps single ladies find rich men to date and have fun. The app is available on the App Store and in Google Play.