New iPhone App mExpense Helps People Manage Their Finances and Avoid Overspending

A new app has been launched by ViPrak Web Solutions, which is set to change the way people manage their finances. The app has been designed to allow people to keep an eye on their finances and track what they spend on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The app is now available for iOS platform, whereas an Android version is currently in development.

ViPrak Web Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of their new mobile app startup called ‘mExpense’, which aimed to help people keep track of their finances in a simplified fashion. The money management app simplifies the process of personal finance management, allowing people to see on a daily basis what they have spent and how much money they have left available. It will cater both Indian as well as international user base.

India has a booming economy with consumers being able to buy products and services through different online stores and services, which include Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, FreeRecharge, Paytm, and PayUMoney. However, trying to keep track of those expenses to avoid overspending and getting into debt can be complicated. The mExpense removes that complication and allows the user to set a budget and keep track of what they spend using their mobile phone. The app also allows the user to see what they are spending on a daily, weekly and monthly basis while allowing them to analyse what they spend each month.

The beta version, which was tested by independent users received positive reviews, with some saying the money management app allows them to keep an eye on their finances in an uncomplicated manner. The app is easy to use and requires no complicated setting up.

A spokesman for ViPrak Web Solutions said: “We wanted to create an app that could help people avoid debt and allow them to keep an eye on their finances no matter where they are. We believe our app brings a simplified way for finance management and will help people who struggle with their finances to change the way they deal with their personal finance.”

App review experts have said mExpense is one of the most important apps to be developed in 2015 to fight against the increased debt problem.

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About mExpense
mExpense is an app that allows people to keep an eye on their personal finances. It allows the user to see what they are spending on a daily basis and allows them to set a budget to avoid overspending.

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