New line of Guitar stands Launched That Can Transform A Home’s Appearance



The Handcrafted wooden stands are as beautiful as the instruments they display. They provide not only a secure and romantic way to display guitars, but they also provide a stylish display to transform a space in any home.

The Rafter Multi-Stand, a handcrafted, beautifully designed wooden stand that holds up to four guitars, is built to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Tuomas Ritola, a product development engineer from Helsinki, who is also a passionate guitarist, was inspired to create the Rafter Multi-Stand. He realized that most guitar stands on the market, look out of place in a well-appointed studio or an elegant apartment.

Most stands are made from metal or plastic and are painted black. The foam used to cover the stands is intended to protect the instrument, but can be potentially harmful to the finishes of high-end guitars. Such stands are rugged and well suited to being used on stage but are less suited to well-decorated spaces. They can also be bulky, especially when designed to hold more than one instrument.

With tens of millions of guitar players worldwide, it seemed obvious to Ritola that there would be demand for a stand that enhanced both the beauty of the instruments it held and the space where it was situated.

From that idea, the Rafter Multi-Stand was born.

Made from selected hardwood, the stands are designed in Helsinki by Bravuri Engineering Design and are handcrafted in a carpentry shop in Southern Finland. They hold anywhere from two to four instruments, depending on the size of each instrument, and allow the instruments to be safely displayed, complementing but not distracting from the beauty of the instruments.

The flexible design allows users to customize the stand to their needs, moving dividers and fitting the stand to the dimensions of the instruments being displayed. The stand is about 19 inches wide and can be arranged to hold a wide variety of instruments, from acoustic and electric guitars to electric basses.

“Elegant homes and spaces need a guitar stand that is just as elegant,” Ritola said. “The Rafter Multi-Stand looks like a piece of furniture because that’s the way it’s designed and built. It fits in any well-designed space. Many people use their instruments as a decorative element in their homes, and Rafter produces stands that make any home stand out.”

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About Rafter stands

The reason behind designing Rafter stands was the lack of attractive guitar stands for home use. The guitar stands on the market have so far been mostly rugged, often black stands made of metal or plastic, which are great for stage use, but less suitable for decorated spaces.


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