New Music Marketing Book Launched On Amazon



Amazon, the largest online shopping network is pleased to announce they have added a new marketing book to their shopping platform. The new book titled Music Marketing is an important book that helps people in the music world promote themselves and their music through social media.


Social media has become an important part of promoting musicians and there music; it has become the fastest way to promote new music and up and coming artists. One of the most popular ways to connect with people and promote music is through Twitter.


Independent artists do not have the luxury of having a large PR and marketing team behind them, leaving them to struggle to promote themselves. The Music Marketing book provides a real solution to helping musicians to engage with existing and new fans, and to promote any new releases they may have.


The new music marketing book focuses on how to gain a large amount of engaging followers on Twitter. In the book, the reader will find…


1. Twitter Basics

2. Targeted Following Guide

3. Twitter Account Maintenance

4. Principles For Continued Growth and Engagement


The book is available for free on the 1st April by visiting