New Theory on JonBenet Ramsey Case Revealed



Des Moines, Iowa — Sweetie Bee, the acclaimed author, has released her new book on Amazon. The book titled Little Girl Blu, tells the story of Todd Burpo’s son and his visit to heaven, which is known far and wide. The story, which was even made into a film did not tell the whole story, and now, author Sweetie Bee who has spent years researching what really happened has now released her book to bring a new factual side of the story.



The book is a completely different approach. This brand new factual who-dunnit is not a rehash of all the old theories. Police over the years have waffled between placing guilt on the Ramseys (Patsy, Burke, and John), an intruder, a pedophile, a stranger, a satanic sex slave ring, and finally John Mark Karr. The author does not force her theory upon the reader; rather she lets the evidence speak for itself. News reports have been plentiful in the case. The author decided that an unsolved puzzle with pieces scattered everywhere was useless to an innocent child. The information the author presents is not new; however, the way that she puts it all together for the reader is radical. Bee assures her readers that they will not be disappointed by her book. She states, “You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt who committed the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. The puzzle will be complete. These are the facts, not my opinion. You have to collect the dots, before you can connect the dots.”


The Seasoned Author, Sweetie Bee published her first book two years ago. “The Chronicles of Sweetie Bee: A Damaged Soul” has sold successfully on Amazon as a testament to the author’s personal experiences with abuse. Through a lifetime of hardship as a young, single mother, she has become a fervent advocate for the prevention of domestic violence and abuse and the fight against poverty. Her own tribulations have given her keen insight into the methods of oppression and abuse that are perpetrated against females in a male-dominated society. As she overcame her own difficulties in her struggle to survive, she strived to help others in similar plights.  The JonBenet Ramsey story struck a chord with her, as the frustration of obtaining justice for the unfortunate girl motivated her to use her talents.  Writing her new book, Little Girl Blu, has been a cathartic and awakening experience for Ms. Bee.  She sees it as her way of shedding light on, as well as helping to prevent, another tragedy like this case that seemed to have grown cold.


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