Next Generation Solar Candles Help People By Helping The Planet

The Next Generation Solar Window Candle is a winner for anybody due to the various modules that can be purchased for your specific need. The basic model is just the candle with a detachable solar panel that can be used to charge a cell phone, smartphone, nitecore tube,usb rechargeable electronic camp fire/cigarette lighter, etc via a usb port. Forget PlugNPlay and experience AttractionNAction attachment.

The endless possibilities exist for this product due to the top and side polarized magnetic connectors that do away with cords that tangle, break or get lost. The Next Generation Solar Window Candle can interface with other Home Automation and Security systems or use it alone with the Security Module that is totally portable for apartments or dorms due to the motion sensing element. Just set in the window and be safe 24/7 for 10 years due to our 10 year warranty.

We have the very first one that has been in operation for 9 years without any maintenance. Enter your home and the lights come on. No window sill No Problem with our super stick silly sill,just stick it on the window and forget it. To remove simply use a plastic putty knife. Looking for a worry-free alarm clock that wakes you regardless of a power outage.The Alarm Clock Module will make sure that you are never late for work again.

Looking for some sounds? Our solar window candle will play Christmas music, children’s lullabies or your favorites via our Music Module. Looking for a bright light to read by during a power outage. Our light module provides 300 lumen of white led light. Looking for something special for a birthday. Use our scrolling message module to say something special to that special someone. Our New Double Stack Solar Panels allow two panels instead of one with AttractionNAction Connectors for half the charging time. Instead of 24 hours, it is 12 hours. New wireless telephone dialer calls 4 telephone numbers for home security with window candle.   

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