NEW JERSEY, July 20, 2016- New Jersey native M.C. Pollock, an electro-pop musician, today announced his debut EP, ‘Heartbeats’, will be released August 5, 2016. A four-song collection, ‘Heartbeats’ will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and international streaming services.

“To say the least, it’s exciting”, says M.C. Pollock. “I’ve really waited a long time to release an E.P. I’ve poured a lot of hours, love, listening, and inspiration into these tracks, and I look forward to sharing that.” Drawing influence from UK Garage, House, Pop, Trap, and R & B, ‘Heartbeats’ will be the first of Pollock’s releases to be distributed on both digital and physical media. “’Heartbeats’ is going to be available for streaming and download August 5th. The CD version can be purchased in October,” M.C. Pollock reveals.

Employing classic themes of love and loss, ‘Heartbeats’ paints an emotional journey in song form. “This E.P. Is a first for me…I guess it took a few years to really have those experiences needed to make some important music,” explains Pollock. The soon-to-be-released E.P. will be comprised of four songs. A full track listing has yet to be announced.

Previous to the August release, M.C. Pollock has digitally distributed three singles. Most recently, the electro-pop singer showcased ‘PartyMonsta’, a Trap-inspired tune about the ups and downs of the US party culture. Other singles include ‘Thousand Times’, a collaborative track with rapper IgnoVa, and ‘Tell Your Boss’.

M.C. Pollock is an electro-pop singer with music label Keep It Swanky. LLC. Equipped with a clear tenor voice, Pollock’s modern style fits the palette of any contemporary listener. To find out more, please visit www.mc-pollock.com.