Online Education Store


Fairfield, California. USA- The simple but dynamic online store has been launched with beneficial items for all grade levels, college students, and teachers in mind. 


Items studied to be of most benefit are in each section-

Teacher Supplies

College & High School

Middle School

Pre-K and Elementary

This store has been created in-partnership with You Tube, Amazon, and a growing list of organizations to host the quickest delivery of any order to you anywhere in the world. This is for the sake of providing the best quality educational materials for you as a student, parent learning aids, and for teachers .  The clutter of searches for classroom materials to improve learning capacity, behavioral management etc are all present here in this site, with the exception to human teaching aides. Tangible material products and some videos are available here. may be maintained as a simple looking website because resources are used to research best products, instead of fancy appearance. A 10% discount is automatically applied on top of whatever discounts that already exist for education shoppers.



Mainly designed for American schools, but useful for the world.


Mr. Quinton D. Crawford