OOFOOG.com Offers Quick Evaluation and Selling of Used Electronic Items for Fast Cash

OOFOOG.com pays consumers to sell new or used cell phones, tablets, smart watches, computers and MP3 players… whether they are working or not.


Los Angeles, CA– OOFOOG.com is a popular online portal where consumers can quickly evaluate the value of their old electronic products, and then easily exchange those used electronics for cash. It helps people sell old smartphones, computers and other devices even if they are not in working condition. Once the customer sends in their old phone, smart watch or tablet, OOFOOG.com pays them with a check, or via Paypal.  It’s a recommerce business that is easy to use, good for the planet, and great for those on a budget looking for ways to save money.

Using OOFOOG.com is extremely easy and free to people seeking to sell their old electronics. Upon entering the site, a customer is quickly directed to simple and easy questions regarding the product they’d like to sell.  The intuitive website quickly uses these answers to determine the best market price for the item, and a quote is offered. On accepting the quote, the user is sent a free prepaid shipping label. This label can be printed and used to painlessly send their electronics to the OOFOOG.com company address. No stamps or special trips to the post office are required. Then, once the item is received and evaluated, the dollar amount quoted is sent over to the user.

“Oofoog is a trustworthy, fair company, that cares highly about the satisfaction of their customers,” says Oofoog.com customer Jack P. “They truly have the best trade in values, and made the process so simple and fast that I will definitely be a loyal customer for life!”

In addition to buying and selling old electronics, tech products and devices, OOFOOG.com hosts an environmentally friendly electronics contribution center called R3: Repurpose, Reintroduce and Reuse. It is a relatively new concept when it comes to the “selling electronics online” market. Through this concept a user can have any old electronics material that is unwanted sent into this center. By doing so, they will have their electronics evaluated and repurposed. And, if they so choose, their name and contribution will be proudly displayed on the OOFOOG.com website as well as social media pages. This helps customers share the idea of recycling, and helps the planet buy putting old cell phones, tablets and other devices to good use.

OOFOOG.com is the best place online to sell old cell phones or tablets, outdated computers, MP3 players, smart watches, and old tech devices. It’s easy, fast, and good for the planet. Visit Oofoog.com to get started turning your old electronics into cash.


About Oofoog.com

OOFOOG.com is a service that allows consumers to sell their used electronics. By going on the Oofoog.com website and getting a quick quote, customers can ship their old electronics and receive a payment through a check in the mail or via Paypal.  We also have our R3 section, which allows individuals to contribute electronics that they have no more use for. 


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