Panama Relocation Tours Provides Advice On How To Retire In Panama



A new eight-part course has been launched that helps people understand how to retire in Panama. The free course has been provided by Panama Relocation Tours who provide monthly tours of Panama. The course is available from the website.


Panama has become an attractive place for ex-pats to move to. Over 190,000 of the 3.6 million population are ex-pats with 30 percent of them being Americans. With the low cost of living and the better way of life the country offers, more people are now moving to Panama to retire. To help people understand how to retire in Panama, a leading relocation company has launched a free eight-part course. Panama Relocation Tours has made the course available by visiting their website.


When thinking about retiring in Panama or any other country there is a great deal of research required and many questions that need answering. Panama Relocation Tours, which provides a six-day all-inclusive tour each month understand the frustration a person feels when they cannot find the information they need. That is why their new free eight-part course has become an important tool for people considering retiring in Panama.


The free course ( covers many important topics, which include the Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Panama, Cost of Living in Panama, Retiree Benefits and Visa Options in Panama, Panama Healthcare and Health Insurance and the Best Places to Retire in Panama. With all the information that is covered in the free course, it allows people looking to retire to feel more confident with the added information under their belt.


A spokesman for Panama Relocation Tours said: “The free course will allow people thinking about moving to Panama to have important information at hand. It allows them to have questions answered and to save time on the research they need to undertake.”


The course is free of charge and can be accessed by visiting the website of Panama Relocation Tours and requesting a copy of the course by filling in the email form.


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The company’s owner Jackie Lange has lived in 4 countries moved 22 times and visited 26 countries. She has plenty of great experience in relocating to a foreign country. She and her husband discovered the hidden gem of Panama.


Each month Panama Relocation Tours Inc., provides a six-day all-inclusive tour. It provides people with all the information they need about living in Panama. People attending the tour will be taken around the 12 most popular expat destinations and will have the opportunity to meet ex-pats to find out from them how their life has changed.


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