Paul Contris, CEO of Welcov Healthcare Discusses Business in a Recent Radio Interview April, 2016

This Needs to be Said will broadcast an interview with the CEO of Welcov Healthcare, Paul Contris, who gave his insight on What is memory care?

Paul Contris founded Mission Healthcare LLC in May of 1997 and changed the name to Welcov Healthcare in 2012 which coincided with a period of rapid expansion under the new brand. Paul Contris business has grown to 22 long-term care centers, 11 assisted living facilities and 6 home health agencies in the Northern Rocky Mountain and North-Central Plains regions.

Paul Contris is the CEO of Welcove Healthcare, who is a regular guest speaker with Katherine on the “This Needs to be Said” radio show. Paul Contris will be talking about What memory care is.

Paul Contris is a regular on the show, “This Needs to be Said” with Katherine, and answers questions that many of us have on taking care of our aging parents and grandparents. Majority of aging adults now want to stay in their own homes, and this is where Welcov Healthcare exceeds in meeting this changing demand.

Welcov Healthcare is led by founder and CEO Paul Contris. Welcov Healthcare has been fortunate to acquire some of the industry’s top talent with decades of healthcare experience. Welcov Healthcares leadership shares the common goal of providing the highest quality care and services to residents, families and associates.

Paul Contris full length interview aired at 2pm EST in Charlotte, NC. March, 2016 as part of the daily show broadcast at 2pm EST in Charlotte. Paul Contris shared his full insider account what memory care is.

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