Payam Data Recovery Announce Hard Drive Platter Repair


Develop a new way to repair hard drive platters that are scratched for data recovery purposes.


Sydney, Australia – November 23, 2015 – Years of baby photos, holiday photos and other data is lost due to platter damage on hard drives. Most people are devastated if they have baby photos, holiday photos, home movies and other personal data they did not backup. We can fix 95% of problems but for the past 50 years, there has been no real solution that works that can fix deep scratches on hard drive platters while still allowing a data recovery company to recover the data – and no data can be read due to the deep scratch on the platters. Payam Data Recovery announces a new way to get all that data back!


Payam Data Recovery aims to research and develop a world 1st method to fix severe damage on hard drive platters but we need your support. There is no company in the world that has a solution for this, the current providers who claim this only do so for marketing hype and we have tested their methods and they do not work. Some companies charge up to $50,000 US for a method Payam Data Recovery believes does not work. Payam Data Recovery’s aim is to develop this new method to fix platters on hard drives then offer it at a fixed price of $500 US worldwide (when the normal price for data recovery is $1000-$3000 US for badly damaged drives).


About Payam Data Recovery


Payam Data Recovery is a world leader in hard drive data recovery services – having been recovering data for over 17 years, it’s heartbreaking when they have to tell their customers from all around the world but mostly in Australia and New Zealand that their hard drive was too badly damaged in very specific cases and that all of their data from their hard drive is gone forever!


As a small company in a niche industry, they need your help to fund a dedicated research team and new lab with world leading experts in different science fields to join our team for this special project. They have limited by the resources and limitations of their own data recovery engineers and technicians – they are reaching out to some of the smartest minds in the world, the elite people with the highest IQ on the planet to join us for a 12 month research project to help solve this problem.


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