Phone Case offers Maximum Protection from Cell Phone Health Warnings


SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH USA, December 12, 2015- Cruz Cases ( is releasing its 2016 line of sleek designer phone cases that offer the maximum protection from cell phone radiation directed toward the brain without having to change the way one uses their mobile phone.


The primary concern is how the powerful pulsed microwave signals affect soft tissue like the brain. Standard phone cases do not provide any radiation protection. Most so-called anti-radiation cases apply shielding on the back of the case which only reflects that radiation back to the front of the case which is held next to your brain. Cruz Case patent pending technology is designed for the front of the phone reflecting radiation signals away from your body.

Cell Phone manufacturers warning in the user manuals not to hold the phone next to the body. “What take risks now as cell phone health warning labels will mandated in 2 years or less.”, says John F. Cruz, Founder Cruz Cases.

Other Cruz Cases features include Credit card holder, 360° dent resistant protection, access to charge and earphone ports, and keeps phone looking new longer for higher trade-in value. Cruz Phone Cases sell at $39.95. View Product video at

Contact:   Robert Johnson/MEDIA