PIXELIO is heading to Kickstarter with its multifunctional PX 3D scanning device and announces cooperation with Robo3D



PIXELIO – an UK start-up who gained worldwide attention couple of weeks ago with its unique device PX, is heading to Kickstarter. It has several features that turns smartphone into 3D scanner as well as allows making omni-directional movies or timelapses. What`s more, PIXELIO came to agreement with one of the biggest 3D printers manufacturers – RObo3D, who will support PX with its distribution channels in the future.


PX by PIXELIO will be offered via Kickstarter in special early bird price – 119 USD. Taking into account the functionality and quality of the device, the proposed price can ensure company considerable success. The campaign starts on 31st October, and PIXELIO is working on some special feature to celebrate Halloween!

There are three main areas user can use PX. First of all, it`s a 3D scanner. To scann objects, all user has to do is simply put his or her smartphone into the planetary arm and start the app. User has to have 123D Catch installed on smartphone. When everything is ready the arm connects with smartphone and starts the tour around the object in a perfectly-level and evenly-spaced fashion. While taking several photos of object placed on the working table of PX, 123DCatch turn them into 3D scan.

To make the whole process easy, PIXELIO equipped PX with patented solution that imitates a human finger with very similar capacity resistiveness. Thanks to this the shutter in smartphone is released and the whole 3D scanning process is completely automatic. PIXELIO implemented the graphene material into this feature.

Second functionality is enabling user to make omni-directional movies. This time, user has to have Arquspin app installed on its smartphone, and use PX in similar way like in 3D scanning process. It`s an amazing feature for all the people who want to create professional presentations of things they are willing to sell on eBay or any other auction website. Another beneficiary of this feature will be bloggers who can make great looking short-movies that will be later published on their blogs, Twitter / Vine or Facebook / Instagram accounts.

Third, users can use PX in order to create timelapse of several events – from a sunset to operating… 3D printer! To to do so, user has to instal PX on a tripod and use „Timelapse” option. What`s important, user don`t have to start the device by himself – everything can be set up to start taking timelapse automatically at the given time. Apart from samrtphone, GoPro camera can be used either.

The PIXELIO team do their best to create as usueful device as it is possible. Their efforts were appreciated by one of the most notable 3D printers manufacturers in the world – Robo3D, who is interested in helping young company in promoting their products in the future.


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