Pixelio Launches an innovative, modern and easy to use 3D scanner


Using the latest technology Smart 3D Ltd has designed and created Pixelio – a unique device that will introduce you to a new dimension of photography and scanning. It is a modern 3D scanner with a lot of functionality tailored to the needs of non-commercial users.

Until now, the market has lacked a good and low cost device for 3D printer users that allows to copy objects, make spare parts, or archive collections in the form of 3D files. The simplicity is one of the best features of Pixelio – all you need is a smartphone which becomes the brain of the entire device using its camera and installed applications.

In October, the Pixelio project will be presented on kickstarter.com,a well-known global crowdfunding platform. Kickstarter is a barometer for the needs of the global community. It is perfect for testing products targeted at people interested in new technologies. The funds raised on Kickstarter will be used for further product development and production. With financial support from Kickstarter, 3D Smart will be able to achieve more objectives and introduce new devices. The funds from Kickstarter will also enable mass production of the device.

Due to its small size and weight Pixelio can become a portable laboratory for 3D scanning and a mobile mini photo studio. It also offers a number of new features that similar older devices did not have.


   Pixelio fills the gap that existed in the 3D printing industry. Until now, only specialized companies could afford to purchase a 3D scanner – with Pixelio everyone can enjoy scanning in 3D! A scan is of high quality and captures fine detail which is difficult to achieve with hand-held scanners. Thanks to the universal 360-degree rotating mount holder the device can be connected to any smartphone.

   Panning shots taken with a smartphone mounted to Pixelio are characterized with precise, steady image (no movements), high resolution (depending on what smartphone you are using the photo quality can be excellent) and adjustable intervals, travel speed of the arm and many other parameters. The device timer can be programmed for any time you like. This function will help you to create incredible time-lapse shots. The tripod mount makes it easy to securely attach Pixelio to any tripod. Thanks to the universal mount holder the device can be connected not only to a smartphone, but also to a full HD GoPro-type camera.

   Pixelio is a simple and fast way to create amazing surround images and 360-degree videos. The process of creating pictures is automatic. They can be saved to MP4 or GIF format. 360-degree photos taken with Pixelio are perfect for e-commerce etc.

   Pixelio can also be used to archive your collections in the form of 3D files. You can easily scan your exhibits and put them on Facebook to impress your friends.

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All these great features are possible due to the fact that Pixelio works through your smartphone. For scanning, Pixelio uses Autodesk 123D Catch –a free app that lets you create 3D scans of virtually any object. Pixelio is the only device in the world that allows you to take highly precise scans through applications. You will also need an app, e.g. Arqspin, to create amazing 360-degree photos and product pictures.

Just install an application and Pixelio will connect to it and trigger a snapshot on your phone. This can be done automatically thanks to the patented Smart 3D’s Virtual Finger technology.

With Pixelio you can scan any object you like simply by touching the ‘Scan’ button. To make it possible 3D Smart has created imitation of a human finger, or more specifically, its resistive capacity. For that purpose the company has used a unique material with 0.3% of graphene.
This way, all you need to do is press a button and Pixelio will do the rest (scans, photos & videos) for you.
In Pixelio the highest degree of functionality has been combined with outstanding design. The device is pleasing to the eye as there are no sharp edges in the design, just smooth gentle curves. Perfectly thought out shape will be ideal for comfortable use. Pixelio also offers several practical functions: it could be a wireless Powerbank or mobile phone charger. It also has a built-in clock and a nice LED indicator.
The price and the functionality of the device can make Pixelio the most accessible and affordable device on the market. Pixelio will meet the needs of photographers, graphic designers, engineers, designers and many others as a very practical and pleasing to the eye gadget.

Smart 3D Ltd creates innovative products that fill market gaps. Smart 3D is a whole family of devices that can work together and perfectly complement one another. Pixelio 3D scanner is the first child of Smart 3D. Intensive work is underway and the family will be soon joined by another innovative devices. Smart 3D’s products are characterized by simplicity, high-value functionality and minimalist design.

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