Precise Portions Announces Campaign for Healthy Eating Habits to Prevent Childhood Obesity & Bullying

Help promote a new nutrition education program for children and adolescents


Our Story:

Richmond, VA – March 14, 2016 – It’s no secret — today’s youth is suffering from an obesity epidemic. In a world where fruits and vegetables are a rare treat, and fast food “happy meals” are the norm for children all the way down to young babies, we clearly need to do more to teach children and adolescents what nutrition is, and how they can use tools to help themselves and their families eat healthier for a better quality of life. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a struggle — once you have the right tools, children and adults of any age can be trusted to make the best, healthiest choices for themselves!


Children and adolescents who suffer from childhood obesity often also suffer psychological damage, caused by bullying from their peers, a lowered self-esteem, and a general sense of unease as they realize they are not as fit or able to perform the same physical tasks as their peers. However, there is still hope! If we can educate a generation of young people about healthy eating, while promoting healthy body image, perhaps we can lower the rate of childhood obesity and, later on, that generation’s rate of adult obesity.


Precise Portions first started with a unique line of dishware and educational tools, geared towards promoting a healthy sense of portion control for both children and adults. We are now in the process of expanding our product line and educational materials, so we can now begin providing an expansive program of nutritional education, designed for ages 2 and up.


Our goal at Precise Portions is to give children the nutritional knowledge they need, starting at an early age, to help them make informed choices they can be proud of. We hope that this knowledge will leave children feeling empowered and confident to make the best, most healthy choices for their own bodies.


What We Need:

We are initially seeking funding in the amount of $25,000 to help us develop a “turnkey” program for daycare centers, Headstart programs, WIC, and more! We believe that childhood obesity has to be tackled on several fronts to be successful, starting with a comprehensive nutrition education curriculum. We are in the process of creating the educational materials necessary to create this program, but will need extensive funding in order to finalize the program, market it to organizations, and advertise to a wider audience as well.


About Precise Portions:

Precise Portions is run by CEO and co-founder Ann-Marie Stephens, and COO and cofounder Ed Stephens. Their background includes professional experience in research, product design, packaging, and marketing at nationally distributed companies such as Procter & Gamble, Frito-Lay, and Avon. After watching several family members suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, the Stephens came to the conclusion that they needed to combine their professional experience with their passion for nutrition education, and place it in the hands and minds of young people across the country, and stem the tide of childhood and adolescent obesity.


Now that Ann-Marie and Ed have teamed up with nutritional experts and coaches, there is no limit to where Precise Portions can go, and how far they can reach to end childhood obesity!


Please help us fight against childhood obesity and promote a better sense of self for children and teens everywhere! Donate today!


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