Prof. Dr. Gress – Plastische Chirurgie München Launches His Official Facebook Page


The new official Facebook Page will keep people up to date with the latest procedures as well as advice for those looking for surgery to improve their features.








Prof. Dr. Gress – Plastische Chirurgie München a leading expert in providing surgical procedures to help improve a person’s appearance and build their confidence has now launched a brand new Facebook page. The new page will give people thinking of having surgical procedures the advice and information they need.




The Facebook page will give people a real insight into procedures such as Breast enlargement and reduction, Face procedures including a facelift or wrinkle treatment, and Liposuction. By reading the Facebook page and the latest articles, tips, advice available, people considering having a procedure can learn what is the right procedure for them.




To learn more about Prof. Dr. Gress – Plastische Chirurgie München and why he has become one of the most recommendation experts in improving a person’s look, then please visit


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