Raise Credit Scores 200 Points In 21 Days Using Seasoned Tradelines

In a city famous for fun is IZM Credit Services.  They are credit score masters. Using their seasoned tradelines they have been able to raise credit scores dramatically. Their credit score raising tactic is legal & ethical, it has been used by relatives, auto dealers, real estate agents, mortgage agents, attorneys


and others to help people qualify for Loans, Credit Cards, Employment & more. Once  added to an account the entire positive payment history and credit limit is placed on their credit files, giving them a history of on time payments and high limits. After using their service a Client in California was able to get a New Convertible Lamborghini, Harley Davidson Motorcycle and over $100,000 in credit cards.




IZM Credit Services has tradelines for sale that have credit limits of $2,500 – $35,000, they are 1 yr to 30 yrs old and all of the seasoned tradelines have perfect payment histories. Their seasoned tradelines typically cost $500 -$1500. These tradelines come from a database of Credit Card Holders that have contacted IZM Credit Services.




To qualify as a card holder they must send a credit report to so Lynn can verify the credit card/s they would like to enter in the program has a perfect payment history and low credit usage of 10% or less. IZM Credit Services also has a nationwide team of Brokers which include a Pastor and a Mortgage Broker. The team helps others in need of good credit scores while also making a good living.




How it works? After a potential client contacts IZM Credit Services, the operations manager will give them a free credit consultation to discuss the best options for them based on their current credit scores and their goals. They pick the seasoned tradelines which are needed to accomplish their financial goals. At this point IZM Credit Services contacts it’s Credit Card holder/s to place the client on the credit card account/s.




The seasoned tradelines are posted on their credit report, which is typically in 21 days Or at most approximately 45 days. When the tradelines show on the clients credit files IZM Credit Services pays it’s credit card holder a fee for placing their clients on the credit card accounts and the client who now has better credit  applies for their Loans,



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