RedLetter Conference Strives to Empower Believers and Celebrate God



Clayton Jennings will headline the RedLetter Conference aimed at inspiring people with a sense of connection and enlightenment through their faith-based programs.


La Palma, CA – The RedLetter Conference is sharing the Gospel with Christians around the world via live webcast of their upcoming faith based event in La Palma, California.  With electrifying speakers such as the world renowned evangelist Clayton Jennings, the RedLetter Conference endeavors to help believers all over the world receive a greater understanding of God’s word and to be inspired to share the good news.


“Empower Believers and Deliver the good news” is the RedLetter motto, and it shows.  The founders of the conference have a deep commitment to sharing the word of God, and believe they can do God’s work in ways that help others to fully utilize the gift of life that has been granted to them.  The main focus of the conference is to motivate people and to grow their connection with the Lord.


RedLetter Ministries launched this FREE Christian event to provide people in the La Palma region, and around the world via webcast, a monumental new way to hear the word of God and grow closer to Him.  To help them get the message out, renowned Christian evangelist, Clayton Jennings, will kick off the conference followed by musical artist Jordan Feliz. 


Motivational Christian speaker Clayton Jennings is known internationally for his ability to connect people with God on a very personal level. His historically impactful faith-based presentations made him an ideal choice for the RedLetter Conference.


“When we started planning this event, we had two very simple goals in mind,” said cofounder Karl Lee. “We wanted the event to be FREE because God’s love is free and He welcomes everyone regardless of social or economic status. We also wanted to feature Christian speakers and musicians who can energize the audience and lead them to new levels of engagement with Christ. We believe we’ve found that with Clayton Jennings and Jordan Feliz.”


Doors will open at noon on Saturday. Oct. 24 for the event. There’s no set time for the event to end.


“We are absolutely not going to limit God and the way He moves in any way,” says Karl Lee. “As long as people need to experience God, as long as people need to feel His touch, as long as people are reaching out to Him, we’re going to be here. We’re on God’s time in the RedLetter Conference.”


FREE Tickets are available at the site itself and the event will also be viewable on the day of the event via live video webcast HERE.


Don’t Miss this Historic FREE Event!

WHAT – RedLetter Conference

WHERE – La Palma Christian Center, 8082 Walker St., La Palma in California and live at the RedLetter Conference website.

WHEN – Saturday, October 24th opening at noon

Cost  – FREE!

SPEAKER – Clayton Jennings

MUSIC – Jordan Feliz





About RedLetter Conference:

RedLetter Conference is a mobile ministry to empower “Believers” and deliver the “Good News.”  Through the use of powerful worship music and anointed speakers, our events will foster an encouraging and entertaining environment to introduce communities to the knowledge of God’s Grace.  “RedLetter” is Christ’s Biblical words to this generation and the next.










Red Letter Conference

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