RONDO BBQ Grill Brush Now Available



The innovative, three headed grill brush is now available to the public


Wilmington, DE, 28-DECEMBER-2015 – RONDO Inc. has developed a unique and innovative barbecue brush, which is set to fill a gaping hole in the grilling accessory market. Their new BBQ Grill Brush is engineered to provide the power of three brushes that apply effective and uniform pressure onto the grill grate. Consumer’s nation and worldwide will now have the opportunity to scrub their grills with an ergonomic brush that is perfectly angled to fit the needs of the user.

In an extensive product description, RONDO stated that their new product will provide “Better coverage and pressure distribution” and that “the brush head is positioned under the most ergonomic angle and distance for perfect balance and comfortable use with an excellent control”. This statement is heavily backed by the product specification, which outlines all of the details surrounding the brush, including its reinforced black handle and stainless steel bristles.

The RONDO BBQ Grill Brush is suitable for all grill types, including steel, porcelain and ceramic grates. It is 17 inches in length and 5 inches in width. The stainless steel bristles are designed to remove char or grill residue, without scratching the grate finishes.

Each BBQ Grill brush is sold with a complimentary carry and storage bag, which is designed to protect the grill brush and make it readily available for transport. Each purchase is also sold with a two year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee that ensures customers have the opportunity to exchange their brush should any unlikely problems arise.


Contact Information:


Contact Person Name: Dan V.


Company Name: RONDO Inc.


Address: 181 Edgemoor Road, Suite A4341, Wilmington, DE, 19809


Contact Telephone Number: (844) 811-2101