Roofer’s Rates Offers Homeowners Tips On How To Spot A Cowboy Builder


A consumer awareness website has launched to warn homeowners about cowboy builders and offer advice on the true cost of roofing jobs. The site is helping people understand what service they should be receiving and at what price they should be paying. Roofer’s Rates want to help clear up the building industry and remove the cowboy builders that target unsuspecting victims. With their tips on how to spot a cowboy builder, they hope to make it harder for this type of builder to target their next victim.

Roofer’s Rates (, who has launched a new website to offer homeowners advice on what they should and should not be paying when having roofing work done, has today launched tips on how to spot a cowboy builder. The consumer awareness website that lists what roofing jobs just cost hopes the tips and advice will make it much harder for cowboy builders to target unsuspecting homeowners.

A spokesman for Roofer’s Rates said: “Like with any industry there are cowboys out there. With the tips we have listed, we hope homeowners will become more experienced and learn how to spot a cowboy builder and avoid wasting their hard earned money.”

The tips on how to avoid a cowboy builder include:

1.    Avoid a builder who offers a quote that sounds too good to be true.

2.    Do not employ a builder who is unwilling to offer a quote or an estimate in writing on their letterhead

3.    If a builder is not prepared to offer references of previous work, then it is best to avoid that builder.

4.    Find out as much about the business as possible, do not be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you have the contact number and also an address.

5.    If a builder is keen to start work straight away, find out why, it could be a case he is trying to do lots of jobs at the same time, which could mean very poor or unfinished work

6.    Check to see if they are part of a trade association and then contact them direct to check they are a member.

7.    If a builder does not provide you with a contract, then arrange for one and ask them to sign it.

8.    Avoid paying a builder a large portion of the money for the building work that is required. A good builder will not ask you to do this and will only ask you for payment once the job has been finished.

9.    Always ask for a detailed quote on the work that is to be done

10.    Avoid a builder who says they only accept cash for building work to be done

Roofer’s Rates, who is helping to clean up the building industry, has also warned to be careful of people who claim they work for a big company and are offering to do the work at the weekend. It is always important to check their background.


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About Roofer’s Rates

Roofer’s Rates provides consumers with honest advice about the cost of roofing and building work. The site helps homeowners avoid cowboy builders and helps reduce the number of victims who are overcharged for work being done on their property.