Room Hunters Says the London Housing Crisis Is Forcing Professionals to Share Houses

London, UK — (HeadlinePlus) — 06/29/2015 — The housing crisis in London is causing serious problems for professional people wishing to stay in the city and be close to their work. The problem has become so serious that many professional are forced to house share while others room share. Room Hunters who help people find accommodation in London says action needs to be taken.

The rental market in London has become so fierce many young professional including Doctors cannot afford to rent a property on their own. With the average rent costing £1,436, according to Room Hunters, young professionals are searching for a more affordable way to live through house share and room share. Those who are not lucky enough to find a house or room to share are taking drastic measures by buying and living in camper vans.

A spokesman from Room Hunters said: “London has become a gold mine for Landlords. Owning a property in London and renting it out has become very profitable. However, the continued rental rise is causing serious problems for people working in London.”

Landlords in London earn over £24,000 a year from each property, making the city a get rich quick scheme for property owners. But not everyone is so fortunate. With no sign of the rental prices slowing down, it is not only young single professionals who are being forced to room share. Young professional married couples who cannot afford to rent a house even on a joint wage are searching for double rooms to rent.

Schools, hospitals, and the private sector are concerned the serious housing problem in London will force people to move out of the area to another part of the UK, meaning they will lose key personnel. Some schools are already reporting how difficult it is to hire young teachers who can earn the same wage out of London with a lower cost of living.

A spokesman for Room Hunters said: “House sharing in London has become the norm with many young professionals, and until the problem is solved single professionals, and married couples will continue to room share.”

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