Simply Grinding Herb and Spice Grinder – an extremely versatile Grinder

British company TicketyBoo Trading just announced an exciting new way to use their recently launched Herb and Spice Grinder.

If you’re finding grating garlic a messy business or if you have arthritis in your hands and find using a garlic press painful, then this little grinder may just be the thing you need.

A recent customer explains, “I really like this lovely little Grinder. It’s very easy to use and not at all messy. You just peel the skin from the garlic remove the root, cut up into smallish pieces and put into the Grinder and boom boom. Your garlic is crushed in a trice.”

Company spokesperson, Caroline Jones say, ‘The Simply Grinding all purpose herb and spice grinder is going from strength to strength and we’ve been extremely encouraged by the feedback and reviews we’ve had so far on Amazon.’

Amazon Prime members are entitled to receive free two-day shipping on any Simply Grinding order. Customers can buy the Herb and Spice Grinder directly on Amazon.

Media Contact:  Caroline Jones