Simply Grinding’s Versatile Grinders for Weed, Herbs & Spices February Sale

British company Tickety Boo Trading has announced that from today the Simply Grinding versatile  Grinder will be sold at $15.99 for a limited time only.


The Simply Grinding  Grinder for Weed Herbs & Spices is exclusively sold on Amazon in the US. Usually priced $24.99 the Herb Grinder is a high quality product.


It’s made from premium Zinc, has razor sharp cutting teeth and strong Neodymium Lid Magnets keeping contents fresh and preventing spillage.

This Herb Grinder will last for years.

It’s extremely versatile because it can be used for crushing herbs, weed, spices and even garlic and fresh ginger which means no more sticky fingers.

Company spokesperson, Caroline Jones says ‘We decided to buck the trend and offer a February Sale instead of January. And we’ve have had some excellent feedback and reviews so far on Amazon and the Herb Grinder is selling well.

Customers can buy this versatile Grinder for Weed, Herbs & Spices  here on


Media Contact:  Caroline Jones