Simply Grinding’s Versatile Herb Grinder Awarded #1 New Release Product by

British company Tickety Boo Trading  has announced a successful 5 weeks of trading following the launch of their premium Herb Grinder.

So much so that Amazon has awarded them a #1 New Release product in the Herbs and Spice Mills category. This means that within 4 weeks of trading the Herb Grinder was lying within the top 100 products in its category.

The Herb Grinder is very versatile giving great results using fresh or dry herbs – fresh sage seems to be a particular favourite –  spices, weed and even fresh garlic and ginger.

The Grinder has 46 extremely sharp diamond shaped teeth and strong Neodymium Lid Magnets . This means that the lid is a very snug fit and so keeps the contents fresh and preventing spillage. 
This Herb Grinder will last for years.

Customers can buy this versatile Herb Grinder here on

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