Simply Grinding’s Versatile Herb Spice & Tobacco Grinder Becomes Brand Registered on

British company Tickety Boo Trading announced today  that they have successfully registered the versatile Herb Spice and Tobacco Grinder with

By registering their brand with the US giant, Tickety Boo Trading have taken the first step in establishing a fully protected brand name in the Herb Grinder market. A move that is bound to secure the product on the Amazon platform for many years to come.

Amazon only accepts applications from traders who can prove ownership of the brand through branding and holding an accepted domain name.

The brand ‘Simply Grinding’ sums up how easy it is to grind herbs, tobacco and spices and shows just how versatile the product is.

After launching the Simply Grinding Herb Spice & Tobacco Grinder at the start of January 2016, Tickety Boo Trading have looked to establish their position as a leading manufacturer of Herb Spice and Tobacco Grinders.

Company spokesperson, Caroline Jones says “We are delighted that Amazon has accepted our application for brand recognition. It’s been a successful start for us working with Amazon and we look forward to establishing our brand further in the future.”

Customers can buy the versatile Herb Spice & Tobacco Grinder here on Amazon –

Media Contact:  Caroline Jones