Solicitors North East Explain Five Good Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

With the increased number of accidents in the work place, out on the street and while driving a car, a solicitor is an important profession to have on your side. Solicitors North East has put together five good reasons why you should contact a solicitor if you have had any kind of accident.

1.    A solicitor will have experience of similar claims

A solicitor will have the experience of dealing with any type of claim, which means they will be able to save you a great deal of time and research and provide better positive results. 

2.    If you do not win your case, and you are on a no win no fee, no costs to pay

When a solicitor works on a no win no fee, it means if you lose the case then there will be nothing to pay. If you do win, then there will be no fees to pay as the fees will come out of the settlement.

3.    A solicitor has experience of working with other lawyers.

Trying to understand the process of claiming compensation can be complicated. However, a solicitor has that experience and has the experience of working with other lawyers on similar compensation claims. That means no need to spend hours trying to research different topics or losing a claim due to the lack of knowledge and experience.

4.    Settlements are higher with a solicitor

When it comes to compensation, the chances of winning are much higher, and the settlements can also be higher.

5.    If you go to trial, you need legal representation

If the case has to go to trial, it is important to have professional legal representation. Trying to represent yourself against an experienced solicitor or barrister could result in a negative outcome.

A solicitor provides a professional service and one that can help people win their personal injury claim. For more details on Solicitors North East and the services they provide, please visit