Steve Gerrard Unveils Workshop for Wedding Photography in Birmingham


Join Steve Gerrard Photography live in Birmingham and become a world-class Photographer.


Steve Gerrard Photography, Montreal: A renowned and accredited team of seasoned photographers, with a track record in providing top notch photography services for couples with the need of making their wedding event as one to reckon with, will be live in Birmingham to conduct a workshop on wedding photography.


Wedding photography isn’t just all about making use of the most sophisticated and latest canon series of digital cameras for wedding coverage but it also involves some skills that are capable of making an average photographer to becoming a professional in the photography niche. Couples these days are in a deep quest for making their wedding event and anniversary a memorable one; hence, the never ending search for skilled, competent and prolific photographers.


Steven Gerrard photography is committed to enhancing photographic skills and is keen on been resourceful to budding photographers and photography enthusiasts. To this effect, the award winning photography team is bringing a live workshop to the city of Birmingham for photographers who crave for ingenuity and choose to tell stories with images. The workshop promises to be educative, informative and revealing. Below is a brief highlight of the workshop.


·      Great and stellar photography styles.

·      How to find the right clients without spending (much) money

·      Finding the images and telling stories.

·      How to use natural light, off camera flash and a little wizardry.

·      A regular couple in cool wedding outfits on the urban backstreets of Birmingham. How to get a varied and creative set of images in a short space of time.

·      Post-production using the images from the afternoon’s shoot. How to give images the looks you want. Fast!

·      Workflow – how to be effective and efficient in your production.


The workshop is scheduled to hold on the 2nd of August 2016 by 10am till 6PM. Spend eight hours with the veterans and become a force to reckon with in photography. For more info on booking and pricing, visit his official website.


About Steve Gerrard Photography: Steve Gerrard is a team of award winning photographers with featured shots and photographs on well known world magazines and accredited photographers for major highly rated celebrities. The team consists of Steve and his wife Evelyn who has proven that “photography is the image of life” beyond doubts.


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