StoryHero, Crime & Action Edition, Opens Kickstarter Campaign on November 20, 2015


Introducing a New and Exciting Card Game for Mindplayers, Script Writers, and Anyone Who Likes a Good Story!


Zurich, Switzerland — November 26, 2015 — StoryHero, the ultimate in Mindgames, has introduced its first Kickstarter crowdfund campaign to bring their unique style of gaming to the world!


StoryHero revolves around the life and investigation of the main character, Special Agent John Reed. Using different categories of cards including 20 thrilling intro stories, 50 challenging actions, 160 key crime and action words, and 20 voting cards, you and your teammates create a unique storyline for Agent Reed to follow, and new cases for him to solve will emerge as you get deeper into the game. Will Agent Reed find “whodunnit”, or will he fail? Only you can decide the steps he takes to solve his case!


The Crime & Action Edition is just the beginning for StoryHero. As the company reaches their goal and begins selling to mass retailers all over the globe, the creative team also plans to create new editions, including: Adventure Wilderness Edition (perfect for families and kids with a great imagination!), and later, for more adult palates, a Love & Erotic Edition (Adults Only!). All of the sets are designed to mix and match with each other, creating brand-new storylines every time you grab a new edition! There are also plans to offer every edition in multiple languages to cater to the international market.


This exclusive Kickstarter offer will only be available through December 16th, so take advantage of the deal before it disappears! Make your donation and get your exclusive Crime & Action Edition before the rest of the world can!




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