Teagime Offers a Personalised Way to Teatox with No Side Effects

Teagime is looking to transform the teatox (tea detox) market by offering a fully personalised teatox programme with no side effects. Unlike other teatox companies, Teagime (which stands for “tea regime”) starts with the idea that everybody is unique, and therefore teatox plans should be customised for each individual.

Teatoxing has become a popular dieting method in recent years. It involves drinking herbal teas according to a schedule, with the goal of improving the immune system, losing weight and removing toxins from the body, and improving overall health.  However, many have had bad experiences with ordinary teatoxing plans as their one-size-fits-all approach means the teas used aren’t suited to the individuals’ needs.

Teagime’s personalised teatox programme solves this problem by ensuring the teas chosen match the customer’s health goals and energy needs, thereby eliminating unpleasant side effects. Before ordering a tea plan, customers fill out a questionnaire so that the perfect tea plan can be tailor-made based on skin condition, caffeine requirements, flavour preferences, menstrual cycle and other factors. Furthermore, all tea blends are 100% natural with no artificial additives or nasty laxatives.

Tea plans feature morning teas to boost metabolism, afternoon teas to prevent mid-afternoon sugar cravings, and evening teas to settle the stomach and detox your body while you sleep. Plans are also adjusted to meet the needs of different seasons, for example to boost the immune system during the winter.

Plans are delivered straight to the customer’s door. They can be cancelled at any time, and customers receive a free tea infuser with their first order.

Teagime offers a natural, healthy and enjoyable way to lose weight and detox the body. The company’s focus on natural ingredients and personalised teatox plans make it one to watch in this growing market.


About Teagime

Teagime is a Peterborough-based teatox (tea detox) company founded in 2015. It sells customised teatox plans using hand-blended teas from natural ingredients.