Team Ecommercemix: With expansion and strategies in work sector combined with growth hacks, ecommerce players can raise Big Money


San Francisco , December21st, 2015:- Steve Watson, who is the expert growth hacker and co-founder of Ecommercemix has borne witness to the sharp vicissitudes of life. Addressing a huge gathering of diverse audiences here at San Francisco Pier 48, he shed light on his journey which included walking through the hallowed portals of ecommerce segment to being an expert growth hacker. The event just got better and better as he shared his perspectives regarding the latest growth hacks in general, and ecommerce specific growth hacks in particular. The event in its girth and exhaustiveness seemed to be a chart buster as digital marketers, content marketers, Social Media Marketers, website developers who were an integral part of the amazing event seemed to be filled with joie de vivre after getting their volume of queries and concerns addressed.

With scrupulous exactitude, Steve Watson asserted that shoppers love to shop. When it comes to shopping for costumes, outfits and ensembles, shoppers wish to try on as many as possible before settling for the desired regalia. This is indeed an enervating experience for customers. Each and every time, customer has to try the outfits on his/her body and check if they suit his requirements. This is precisely the reason why many prefer offline shopping or in-store shopping. To reduce this pain-point, the team of Ecommercemix came up with ‘Augmented Reality based Dressing.Customers can specify their body dimensions and the ‘Augmented Realitymodule embedded in ‘Admireecommerce marketplace mobile app provides a list and categories of costumes available. After the customers select a specific category, the so called ‘magic mirroris enabled where customers can see themselves adorned in the new outfits thereby reducing the pain point of physically trying them. Steve, co-founder of Ecommercemix remarked that ‘Augmented Realitymodule was programmed by Ecommercemixs team of product developers. With a superhuman strength of eidetic memory, he remarked, “This module contains 12579 lines of bug-free code.”   


The spotlight then moved on to digital commerce. Enunciating his stand on digital commerce, Steve, the co-founder of Ecommercemix said, “Digital commerce has reached a tipping point in India and across the seven continents throughout the calendar year. It is touted to reach well over $2 trillion by the end of December, 2015. Surrounding this colossal figure with scant customer service only obscures it. When the world is moving towards multiculturalism and syncretism, it is time to introspect our monetizing growth hacks. To become synonymous with the diverse cultures of our target audiences who are immigrants, natives, expatriates and emigrants, we have embedded a module in our Admire digital ecommerce marketplace script called ‘Lifestyle dispenser. We have introduced five amusing options- Dialect, Outfit, Melody, Disco, and Song. We lovingly call this ‘DOMDS.In this Lifestyle dispenser module, whenever a customer selects dialect option, the screen prompts him/her to choose a language from the list of available languages. The entire screen translates into the language chosen by the customer. Whenever a customer opts for Outfit option, based on his/her geographical location, the traditional dresses along with umpteen categories are displayed. Whenever the customer tries his/her regalia virtually by using our ‘Augmented Reality based Dressing, a melody is played on the background. On the other hand, Disco option guides the customers in performing traditional dances. Song option follows the similar train of thoughts. These are complementary features.”

When one of the digital marketers raised his concern over ‘DOMDSand asked if this initiative worked, Steve said, “Yes! Indeed, it is a revolutionary feature. This initiative created a hoopla and ‘DOMDSbecame a buzzword. With this growth hack, our sales of ecommerce marketplace scripts, digital marketplace scripts more than tripled. The complementary features Disco and Song proved to be customer touch points while the other three features- Dialect, Outfit and Melody proved to be the monetizing points. We have deepened our lifetime relationships with our target audiences. “

Verily, the audiences were caught in a whirlpool of growth hacking strategies. CDs on ‘tips for growth hacking from professionalswere given to all who attended the event. Magazines on ‘Ecommerce growth hackswhich is a labor of love, meticulously edited by Raj K, the other co-founder of Ecommercemix were given to the most active participants. After the distribution of CDs and magazines, Steve echoed an endorsing prism of thought, “With expansion and strategies in work sector combined with the growth hacks eloquently illustrated in CDs and magazines given to you, I am sure, you all can mint big money.” The event turned to be a crowd puller as the team of Ecommercemix tapped its charisma and there is no gainsaying that they are indeed the apostles of ecommerce.

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