Launches a New Platform to Help Businesses Find Affordable Mobile App Development Teams

Mobile apps are being used by businesses of all sizes to generate exposure and sales. A new platform provides a way for businesses and app developers to come together. The platform is easy to use and can help a business to find a developer within minutes. The platform also helps developers to promote themselves and gain new customers.

A new platform has been launched that helps businesses and individuals find professional iPhone and Android App developers. The platform removes the problems of finding professionals to design and develop an app and helps to reduce the overall cost.

In recent years, there has been a huge buzz about apps. The apps are no longer used just for games; they are now used by various industries that include retail, medical, entertainment and insurance and are available on various platforms namely iOS, Android, and Windows. However, trying to find a professional app developer who has the experience and can provide the service at an affordable price can be a struggle. That is why was launched. ( is an easy to use platform that helps businesses and individuals find professional developers within minutes. By entering the platform required for the app, a list will then be produced of the teams available. The list will show information such as the price per hour they charge, location and how many projects they have completed. By clicking the link to the developer more detailed information is then given.

The platform has many options available to reduce the number of developers that are shown. By choosing the skills required, the location, and the price that a person is willing to pay, the list will then change to provide the new information.

The new platform has been recommended by previous happy customers for helping them reduce the time it takes to find a professional developer. The platform is not just about finding a team who has the experience; it is also beneficial in reducing the overall cost that is normally charged. has helped developers to increase their customer base by giving them a platform to promote their services and experience. By registering with, a developer can find potential customers looking for their services, reducing the cost of marketing their services online and through media advertising.

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About is a new platform that help businesses find developers to build apps. It also provides a developer with a way to promote their services and gain new customers.