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Are you a new grandpa? Do you know someone who is? This book offers insights into what being a grandpa is all about. I’ve also included many cool things you can do to be the Best Grandpa Ever. Buy it for yourself, or as a gift. Five years ago I became a grandpa. It’s been an amazing experience! These are my thoughts about grandfatherhood. I also offer many tips and techniques to new grandfathers on what to do, and how to do it, to be the best grandpa possible! I hope you enjoy becoming the World’s Greatest Grandpa.


So, here I am: sixty-eight years old, father of four sons, and a grandfather. I am still amazed that I got here. Several years ago, my wife and I thought we’d never have any grandchildren. In just a few short years, we have had four.


This book is intended to relate some of the experiences we’ve had and to provide inspiration for those just embarking on this journey.


Whether your grandchildren live nearby or far away, this book will help you make sure you play an important part in their lives and remain in them forever. That’s really what it’s all about, this grandparent thing: handing off control and knowledge to the next two generations (maybe three, if you’re lucky).


If your grandkids live near you, you should consider it a blessing, but just because you don’t live nearby doesn’t mean that you can’t be a part of their lives.


I will show you some techniques to help you stay in touch and be in your grandchildren’s weekly thoughts even if you aren’t close by.


That’s what family is all about: remaining close and helping each other when necessary.  As time goes by, and we all live out our lives, we need to remember to stay close – if not in proximity, then in our hearts and minds.




About the author


James Ettwein lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife, Sue, and Tessie, their black lab. He lived in Massachusetts for thirty years, but the nine feet of snow in Winter of 2015 was too much! Sue and Jim have been married forty-six years and have been sweethearts since junior high school. Their four sons are grown and married to four wonderful women. Their grandchildren are all amazing.


·      Jim also markets and sells a complete line of children’s creative CDs. These are designed to foster active listening to stories, and creative drawing. They are available at – There are 19 hour-long adventures in all.


·      Jim has also written a completely unrelated book about Reengineering MIS.


·      Jim has been a Management Consultant for over forty years. He has traveled the world and consulted for some of the largest corporations.


·      In addition, he has a game in the AppStore entitled “Greatest Family Travel Game”.


·      He also has a patent pending on a business process.


·      But, his greatest accomplishments are his four sons, and four grandchildren.




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Jim’s book is available on in print edition, Kindle edition, and as an audiobook. The author narrated the audio book.


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