The Malliard Report – Annouces A Ground Breaking Parternership With Paranormalforum.Net


The Malliard Report – The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Radio Talk has become one of the most popular shows for people interested in the unexplained.  The station can be found on and is hosted by Jim Malliard.


A leading Radio Talk show is pleased to announced their radio show The Malliard Report has teamed up with The show that covers the unexplained including UFO’s Ghosts, Bigfoots and many more topics, will now be reaching members on the Paranormal Forum where there will be a live interactive chat available during the show.


The new partnership has never been done before and shows the power of the Malliard Report and its popularity.


The show can be listened to live by visiting every Tuesday at 9PM Eastern time, or the show can be downloaded


To listen to the best Paranormal show with all the latest topics, visit