The Marcus Aurelius Civil Rights Violation Campaign


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Long Beach, CA – May 2, 2016 – In the United States, police abuse and other instances of civil rights violations occur more often than we would like to think. While police officers have a duty to “protect and serve” they can abuse their professional privileges and cause harm and suffuring to ordinary citizens.




Marcus Aurelius is  a working,married, father of 3 young men, and 2 young ladies, and a 9 year-old baby boy. He is not perfect and has made mistakes in his life before in the past, and has been punished for his mistakes, and grateful that he was punished because that’s what made him who he is today. He loves his family and has been blessed to have a beautiful wife and six wonderful children. God has blessed him with another chance at living. You see, he was diagnosed with Congenital Heart failure 3 weeks ago.




Marcus is asking for donations to help him with bills (Rent, Bills, Attorney,  etc).  He has been put in a bind because he was arrested 3 days after surviving Heart Failure. He got out of his bed on a Sunday around 9pm to pick up his 16 and 18 year-old sons from his mom house, because they were helping his mom around her house doing what I usually do for her before his hospital visit. He got pulled over en route to pick up his babies from his mom house, and became a victim of civil rights abuse, and racial profiling. He explained to the officers that he just recently been discharged from the hospital for Heart failure, and he’s still wearing the hospital bracelet that they put on when your admitted. They mocked him and then he was arrested for having his 9 year-old son bat in his car that was written up as 22210 p.c.  He had to sit in jail until Thursday because his court date was booked 72 hours from Sunday which was also his doctor’s appointment date to follow up on his condition. Marcus was scared he’d die in jail because he couldn’t take his medication, or the stress alone would kill him. He finally went to court and was released, but a court date was set for a preliminary hearing on if his son bat was a baton, and it’s clearly a bat.




Marcus was already working out payment plans for bills because they fell behind due to his hospital stay.  He owes $125 on his rent for last month, plus $1,050 for this month, his impound fees to get his car back are $501 and going up at $70 a day, owe $74 on light bill, Kids tuition, Food, attorney retainer fees to get this case thrown out, etc. Please help Marcus and his family.




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Marcus Aurelius


Long Beach, CA