The Shining Fans Rejoice Over Rare Warehouse Find


A discovery in a British warehouse is making the holidays extra special for a few hundred fans of Stephen King’s The Shining

New York- What began as an adventure in licensing for a small company 20 years ago in England has ended in a Queens, New York warehouse. In 1995 a small British souvenir company wanted to make a snowglobe based on the popular film The Shining. Since snow is central to the story , trapping the tales main characters in the haunted Overlook Hotel, a snowglobe seemed like a most appropriate collectible. The company produced 500 prototypes of the globes and set about attempting to get the license from the studio.

The design features an exact replica of the hedge-maze featured in the tale, and the base features the now iconic carpet pattern.,

Since they had no experience with licensing the attempts were unfruitful and the remaining snowglobes not sent to the studio languished in a warehouse for two decades.

In the score of years that passed some of the snowglobes leaked, others broke, but the remaining 349 stayed safe in their dark tomb…until the outside world intruded.

After the unknown contents of the storage locker were sold in a “Storage Wars” type scenario, the long forgotten snowglobes were discovered. Immediately realizing the rarity they had stumbled upon, the buyers contacted an associate in the states and arrangements were made to deliver them to New York.

Of the 349 discovered, 321 arrived safe in New York where they made their way to a secret location in Queens. Now 321 lucky fans of The Shining can purchase them on ebay through seller OverlookHotel-Giftshop .

“One of the more fascinating aspects about these globes, besides how they came to be, is the concept behind the design” says an OverlookHotel-Giftshop spokesperson, “he concept is that this is an item that could have actually have been sold in the giftshop of the actual (fictional) Overlook Hotel. The hotel logo on the front with the slogan of “Come Stay With Us Forever” only takes on a sinister meaning within the context of the story. Likewise, the hedge-maze itself is a marvel of ornamental landscaping and gardening…but horrifying within the context of the story.”

The Shining has very little collectible merchandise for fans and, for 321 of them; these very rare snowglobes are going to make this holiday season extra special.

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