The Swarm Play Games, Have Fun, Do Good

A brand new startup called Bee The Swarm wants you to play video games and support charities from all around the world. Just in the the next two weeks alone, you could help send a child to school in Africa, fund after-school arts programs for children in the United States, even help 3D print a prosthetic limb for a child all by playing a video game!  The video game is called ZomBees-Bee The Swarm and it is currently available for Android devices on the Google Play Store.


Not a lot of people know this, but even free games like Candy Crush can generate over $1 billion a year in revenue from ads and in-app purchases. Bee The Swarm’s thought is, what if they made a bunch of fun and free video games, got people like you to play them, and then gave 100% of the revenue they would have made to charities instead. Today you can help them do just that by installing and playing ZomBees now on your Android device (iOS coming soon)!


Bee The Swarm wants to show the world how to Play Games, Have Fun, and Do Good! They want to give people all the things they know and love about their phones, but that also bring about real change in the world. They want you to not just save the “game” world, they want you to save the real one too!


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