The wanderers of the world have a new resource at their fingertips –

When a backpacker hits the road in search of adventure, one of the challenges they face is finding affordable campsites or hostels, clean places to shower, and even unusual points of interest. puts all these resources and more right in a traveler’s phone, with their new website and app. A backpacker (or any traveler) can use the site or app to find campsites, hostels, showers, drinking water, restrooms, information centers, and even day parks and other points of interest, right in the area! It’s pegged to your location, which helps serve the immediate travelers needs, rather than needing to filter out campsites fifty miles away. And if the weary traveler finds that their current mode of travel isn’t working, also offers direct links to car rental and airline booking websites.

The site not only provides information on local attractions and comforts, but offers fellow travelers a way to share their experiences by allowing them to upload photos and enter discussions about the locations and features on the site. This way if a hostel is overcharging, or a campsite is surprisingly good, travelers can pass the knowledge on to the next adventurer! And of course, if there’s a beautiful view at an out-of-the-way location, it can be shared too.

Making this site even better, coming soon will be a feature where travelers can buy, sell, and trade their items! After all, there’s a limited market for specific packs or gear like water filters, but fellow travelers will appreciate the quality items and help them keep moving down the road, just as they were always meant to. Traveling gear isn’t designed to sit in a closet, after all – it’s meant to be used. For example, if someone were traveling across country by bike and discovered that their pannier bags are just not big enough for them to carry enough food and the tent, they could be listed on the buy, sell, and trade site, and either sold or traded up to a larger bag style!

So if you are a traveler (or know one), download the app and let help you and your friends find comfort and adventure on the road!