Helping TV And Film Fans To Avoid Paying For Cable And Satellite Services


Cable and Satellite Services are becoming expensive, the new subscription based service will allow users to stream their favorite TV shows and movies without turning to expensive subscription based services.


At a time when consumers are complaining about the rising cost of cable and satellite subscription services a new service has been launched. aims to remove the expense of people watching their favorite TV shows and films by offering a subscription-based online service that will be less than five dollars per month.


Trizoop explained the service is similar to Showbox but without the problems of buffering and dead links.


A spokesman for the new service said: “The monthly fee covers ongoing development and server costs and will be ad free. Individuals can sign up for updates on the project and participate in testing by signing up at The more individuals that express interest by signing up, the lower the monthly subscription fee.”



The new service is set to change how people watch their favorite TV shows and film and give people more freedom on the programes they want to watch.


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