Two Wheel Electric Scooters – a New Way to Get Around



I am sure that you have already heard of these amazing, new, two wheeled scooters. If you just go online, you will see how much fun you can have with them. This craze was started by certain celebrities who have posted videos and images of them riding on these scooters. Everyone is crazy about them, it is a fun way to get around everywhere and you will surely be noticed. I bet you are asking how do they work and where can you get them – don’t worry, we have all the information you need to show you how amazing can having these two wheel scooters be.

Every time when you see someone upload a photo or a video of a scooter, we bet that you wonder what this is and where can you get it. There are so many versions and they are all pretty much the same, they operate on a battery and are gyroscopically stabilized, so the general term for them is personal mobility devices. There are many websites where you can order them from and the prices may vary, but many of these sellers are actually resellers who brand the product with their name and sell them for a much bigger price. So, if you are deciding on buying this new fun way of transportation, there is one company, Candyman, who are not reselling and have very reasonable prices. Their product is called UWheel, and there are a variety scooters to choose from.

You can choose from the plain black ones, themed ones or maybe crazy painted customized scooters. Really, the choice is big. So, depending on your budget, you can pick a scooter that will have a built in Bluetooth sound system, better battery quality and to length, if you want your balance to be better. These scooters are small, they can recharge in an hour and can go 10km/h, which can be pretty fast for this kind of transportation. The batteries in these scooters are really good and can last up to several hours, but it depends on how much you use it.

It is pretty simple to drive it, you just have to get in the hang of it. So, if you want to start moving, just gently lean forward, if you want to turn for example to the right, lean your left foot a little forward and your right foot back. Sounds a little complicated, but in fact, it really isn’t. Like we said, the scooter is gyroscopically stabilized so you don’t have to use a lot of energy to stay on it. If you have ever Rollerbladed, you will have no trouble mastering it in a couple of minutes.

You don’t have to be worried if you experience some kind of problems with you scooter because the guys at Candyman are offering their scooter repair services to you. There are a ton of replacement parts on their website, so you are going to be in good hands and their customer service is great, you will not experience any problems – we guarantee it. Maybe one of the best things you can get from the people at Candyman is their customized services and the option to choose your price for a scooter you would want to purchase. This is a great deal that no one should miss.

So, if you want to be caught in the craze these two wheeled scooters have created, this is a great place to start. Go online and browse for the scooter that suits you best and don’t forget that you can maybe score a better price for it. Imagine the looks on your coworker’s faces when you roll into the office on your new ride. We know that you know how much fun it will be, so don’t wait anymore – this is a really small price to pay in order to experience this futuristic way of transportation.