UK Car Parks Launch a Big Discussion on Facebook on the School Term Holiday Ban


The school term holiday ban has caused problems for tens of thousands of parents. Since the government brought the ban in, it has become a big talking point. Now, UK Airport Car Parks want to know what parents really think of the ban and has turned to Facebook to find out people’s opinions.

The airport car parking company who help consumers find cheaper parking at Airports has launched a big discussion on their Facebook page ( They want to know how the ban is affecting parents, and they want to know if the prospect of being fined has put parents off taking their children out of school.

UK Car Parks has been a big campaigner to have the fine system scrapped. They would like to see the government allow parents to take their children out of school for at least one week each year. The parking experts have said the ban was not properly thought about and since the ban was brought in travel agents have increased their prices.

Chris Fryer from UK Car Parks said: “Travel agents have taken advantage of the school term holiday ban. When the schools are closed, the holiday companies increase their prices. That means many parents and children are missing out on a holiday.”

UK Car Parks are not the only ones that feel the ban is unfair. The NUT has said the school term ban needs to be scrapped while some tourism experts have said it has cost their industry tens of millions of pounds each year.

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