Upper Lake Growth Capital Seeking New Investment Opportunities

The fund has announced they are now seeking new investment opportunities in various industries including medical technology, e-commerce, consumer or business services, software, cloud services, consumer products, software, and pharmaceutical.

Upper Lakes Growth Capital has today announced they are seeking new investment opportunities in businesses that could benefit from their experience and capital.

Upper Lake Growth Capital, a privately held Midwestern investment firm specializing in accelerating the growth of early-stage companies, is currently seeking new investment opportunities with small to mid-sized companies. They are currently interested in a number of industries that are poised for growth and expansion.

The highly experienced company has a strong history of success investing in companies and enabling their growth. With recent exits from several successful investments where companies have achieved their growth and business goals, the progressive investment firm is now aggressively seeking new investment opportunities and new companies to partner with.

Upper Lake Growth Capital is a principal investment firm providing funding for early-stage companies. The investment firm provides seed, startup or growth capital for a wide range of small to mid-sized companies across a variety of markets and industries.

Upper Lake Growth Capital’s leadership team consists of seasoned business executives with significant management and operating experience. The firm focuses on investing in growing and attractive companies as a minor investor and has extensive experience working across a broad range of industries. The investment firm is currently targeting companies with a minimum annual revenue of $5 million in the following industries:

– Medical technology
– E-commerce
– Consumer or business services
– Software
– Cloud services
– Consumer products
– Software and/or hardware
– Pharmaceutical

A spokesman for Upper Lake Growth Capital said: “We are always looking for quality investment and are currently looking at businesses that could expand and go to the next level.”

Through its unique access to entrepreneurs throughout the world, plus it’s well-established network of industry experts, Upper Lake Growth Capital has a track record of successfully identifying promising early stage companies and nurturing them with capital investment and expert business consulting services.

For more information about Upper Lake Growth Capital, please visit its website at http://www.upperlakegc.com/.

About Upper Lake Growth Capital
Upper Lake Growth Capital is a privately held investment firm that invests in capital-efficient and profitable companies with growing revenues. The firm specializes in investing in early stage companies in order to accelerate their growth.