USA Retirees Move To Panama For A New Adventure And Better Way Of Life Says Panama Relocation Tours


Panama has become the number one country for retirees to relocate to. With the low cost of living, better social life and a brand new adventure, more people looking to retire early or start a new adventure are moving to Panama. Panama Relocation Tours provide monthly all-inclusive tours to help people learn more about the country and what it would be like to live there. The new tour dates for 2016 have now been announced.

According to reports, more couples are now taking early retirement to spend more time together and start a new adventure. Some couples sell their homes and travel abroad while other couples start a new business. However, the growing trend in the UK and the USA for couples retiring early is the relocation to another country to start a new adventure. The most popular country that people retire to is Panama according to Panama Relocation Tours and worldwide media. 

Panama Relocation Tours who offer a monthly 6-day all-inclusive tour has witnessed a huge increase in the number of couples who have retired early and moved to Panama. With the great opportunities available, and the low cost of living and a better social life, the country has become very attractive to people who want to retire early and have a new adventure.

For many years, the average age of retirement in the USA and the UK was 62, but now that has changed to 50. Many couples now feel life is for living and waiting until the standard retirement age means they have wasted those years paying bills and missing out on the quality time they could have spent together. Panama provides couples with a lower cost of living and provides an opportunity due to the money they can save, to retire early.

Panama has become a hot spot for people wishing to live a better life. With the high standard of health service, lower real estate prices, great social life, and more affordable cost of living, it has become the number one country to retire to.

A spokesman for Panama Relocation Tours said: “Panama provides people thinking of retiring early a better way of life. The country provides a lower cost of living and gives people the golden opportunity to start a new adventure with a loved one.”

The Panama tour will give people a chance to visit the 12 most popular expat destinations. They include Panama City, Santa Clara, Coronado, Boquete, Las Tablas, Volcan and more. People attending the tour will be able to see what Panama has to offer and what it is really like to live there.

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