Veteran Launches Love Movie to Honor Her Son

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Krista Mack, a Hollywood actress and military officer and veteran, just launched a movie detailing her battle of Relentless Love for her son, the military and God, that will be based in Los Angeles and Savannah.




“This is something that God put on my heart a while ago, “ said Krista Mack, actress, writer, and public affairs officer in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. “I felt like giving up, but God and my church have been giving me the strength and courage to overcome my situation and come forward with my story, ” she added.


Powered By Love, the heart-wrenching, true-to-life story, will chronicle her life three-fold; describe her enduring love and relentless battle for her son, detail her ongoing devotion to the military, and provide an insight to her relationship with her ultimate commander-in-chief, God.




She published the book, Power of Love, on Amazon.Com last month, and is currently launching the screenplay adaptation while working with several partners to get her movie in production.




The story stems from a heated court battle between her and the boy’s father in small-town Texas that ends up with him kidnapping her son, and throwing her in jail for trying to contact him. These events launch her mission for justice for her son, and it’s the Power of Love that drives her to such length to do whatever it takes to protect and gain him back in her care.




“This is going to be an touching movie,” said Karl D. Lewis, Air Force Reserve and Navy officer and veteran, who will play himself in the movie. “I couldn’t keep a straight face in the court room when I heard Mack’s testimony, and saw her flood of tears when she pleaded to the judge for her son.  The story continues to upset me when I think about this loving, devoted, and deserving mom being away from her only child for over 1,100 days. “




Mack continues to battle for her son’s justice, and confirms she will never give up on him, until he is safe in her arms.




She wrote the novel to not only expose this corrupt court system, but also reveal the underlying issue of Parent Alienation that is happening to thousands of US families every day, just like her. Unfortunately this emerging issue is continually being swept under the rug because courts, attorneys and government agencies want to continue receiving exponential profits from these victims.


But her biggest hope in sharing her story is to find justice for her son, and restore her family. She remains strong and hopeful through her faith in God, and the Power of Love.