Wear Kits Launch A Virtual Reality Headset That Turns A Smart Phone Into a 3D Theatre And Immersive Game

The VR Box has turned the virtual reality headset on its head by providing consumers with an affordable way to enjoy the virtual world using their smartphone.


Wear Kits is pleased to announce they have launched a virtual reality headset that makes it affordable for consumers to enjoy the virtual world. The VR Box allows a consumer to turn their smartphone into a 3D theatre, an Immersive Game and enjoy a 360 degrees panoramic video in 1 second.



The VR Box Virtual Reality headset for smartphones has received rave reviews from gadget experts for being such a powerful application at a low price. The product, which is available at a special discounted price for $22.90 (http://www.everweek.com/vr-box-virtual-reality-headset-for-smart-phone-p-2838.html) normal retail price $45.90, allows the user to turn their smartphone into a powerful entertainment machine. When attaching the smartphone to the virtual reality headset, it allows the user to enjoy 3D movies and play video games that make the user feel they are in the middle of the game.


The new virtual reality headset is compatible with most smartphones, including iPhone series, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, LG, HTC, Xiaomi and Huawei. The VR Box, which has received positive reviews from consumers, is easy to use.




    Easy to use, just slip in your smart phone, wear the headband, and watch.

    Adjustable interpupillary distance.

    Comfortable lining made from high quality environmentally friendly foam.

    Adjustable headband.

    High-quality aspherical lens.

    Big screen private 3D theater.

    Immersive 3D game.


    Dimension: 198x110x137mm


    Material: ABC+PC

    Lining Material: Viscoelastic memory foam

    Headband Material: Nylon elastic band

    Lens: 42mm aspheric hard resin lens

    View Angle: 90-96 degree

    visual Perception: Feel like a 100″ IMAX screen from 3m away


    iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus

    Samsung Galaxy

    All Smart phones with 4.5″-6.0″ screen


    Dimension: 735x420x520mm


Package Included:

    1x VR Box Virtual Reality Headset for Smart Phone

    1x Cleaning Cloth

    1x Hop pocket



A spokesman for Wear Kits said: “Consumers have become very excited about virtual reality headsets. However, with the high prices of the current virtual reality headsets on the market they have become unaffordable for the majority of consumers. So, we decided to launch a product that would make it possible for consumers to enjoy the reality world with their smartphone at an affordable price.”


For more information on the VR Box and how to turn a smartphone into a magical entertainment system, please visit http://www.wearkits.com/



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The VR Box provides consumers with a real solution to enjoy the virtual reality world and turn their smartphone into an advanced entertainment system.


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