Welcome…The London Roze Collection



Enjoy the passion of fashion in the beauty and elegance of a roze.


Pleased to announce the grand introduction of the London Roze Signature Collection featured in various upscale boutiques around the world.  Neidra NeNe Celena Demery Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director of the exquisite women’s collection choose to create uniquely designed irreplaceable garments enriched with significate taste and quality.  Neidra NeNe Celena Demery founder of the House of Beverly Hills Boutique showrooms and Beverly Hills Extreme makeovers firmly established in the fall of 2014.  Neidra NeNe Celena Demery create her sheek collection in the symbolization of a Roze.  Dropping the “s” in the word rose replacing it with the letter “z” symbolizing uniqueness.  Neidra says a Roze is a symbolization of elegance and beauty.  A personal expression or gift of love that carries a special sentimental value.  It helps to explore your intellectual feelings of genuine gratitude and simplicity.  Depending on the variation of color contrast a Roze can signify a variety of delightful expressions.


Although changing the letters in rose to a “z” for the uniqueness it still carries the same significance in meaning.  London is truly one of the most fashion hub capitals in the world.  It defines exquisite minks, furs, high end quality fashion pieces!  Behind the extravagant beauty of tasteful fashions, London is known as one of the most beautiful luxurious countries in the world.  Neidra NeNe Celena Demery choose to create The London Roze Collection to personalize her love, passion, and genuine gratitude to all of her many valuable clients and devoted customers for many years.  In displaying a strong passion in designing an elegant unique creation of top quality fashionable women and soon a children’s collection Bella Roze for her young daughter.


Neidra says “that growing up as a fashion guru it was difficult to purchase one of a kind designer pieces that no one else owned.  Running into another person at the same event wearing the same designer garments as yourself was no surprise.”  Neidra NeNe Celena Demery has redefined what it means to design a unique luxury brand of eloquence.  Her proven track record which allows the designer the ability to utilize her various talents and creativity within the creation and designing of her showroom boutique along with the elegant London Roze couture collection.  In creating the London Roze Collection Neidra NeNe Celena Demery aim and focal point was the uniqueness of her garments.  Creating sensual pieces with a transitional flow which adds versatility in wearing day or evening.  The collection is designed using master French flair in a bright mix and variations of artful colors and bohemian fringe.  The art of contrast in creating a French twist, the illusion of rich jewel tones to luxurious lace embellishments.  The unique pieces offers the most exquisite and tasteful silhouettes with dramatic details.  


Neidra NeNe Celena Demery express her desire and passion in creating an unforgettable look.  A non-duplicated look of appearance that would never be forgotten. An electrifying garment that would be one of a kind piece that you would dare to see another duplication! Neidra stated that she tries to   personalize her love, expressions of genuine gratitude to all of our valuable clients and customers, who have been highly supportive for many years. Displaying an eloquent unique creation of top quality fashionable women and soon children’s collections.  As the founder and creative director of the London Roze and soon her little girl line Belle Roze, she is honored to utilize her advance wealth of knowledge, creativity, experience and educational background in the creating of such an amazing line.  She says that “it has been a joyous occasion for the entire team.  To say that it has been incredibly amazing would be an understatement!  Our extraordinary journey in creating this London Roze collection has allowed us to embrace the pleasures in creating signature designer garments.”  Most interestingly she’s creating her daughters princes line Belle Roze, soon to hit boutiques in 2016.