WhiteTeethWhiteningKits.co.uk Offers Teeth Whitening Gel Kits For Holiday Gift Giving


Hartlepool, UK – WhiteTeethWhiteningKits.co.uk, a leading retailer and wholesaler of teeth whitening supplies, is helping people around the world give the gift of whiter smiles this holiday season with a selection of EU-approved, teeth whitening kits.


Studies have found that the majority of adults value the appearance of a person’s smile and feel that white teeth make a positive first impression. Surveys have also revealed that people around the world view an attractive smile as a positive asset in the workplace and feel that a pearly white grin helps make a person more appealing to the prospective romantic partners.


Although cultures around the world place high importance on the appearance of teeth, most people today do not have perfectly white smiles. Teeth whitening is the most commonly performed cosmetic dentistry service in the UK and abroad due to the widespread desire for having a whiter smile.


Because teeth whitening can be beneficial for so many people, teeth whitening kits are becoming popular choices for holiday gift giving. In years past, WhiteTeethWhiteningKits.co.uk has seen an increase in customers purchasing teeth whitening products for other people in the weeks leading up to the holiday season.


For the 2015 holiday season, WhiteTeethWhiteningKits.co.uk is offering 10 different teeth whitening kits with options available for individuals and for couples. The kits include enough teeth whitening gel for a full course of treatments, and some of the larger kits provide extra whitening gel for touch-ups and maintenance. Clinically proven to be effective, the kits are capable of whitening teeth by up to 11 shades through just 2 weeks of treatment. Complete instructions are included to ensure best results.


WhiteTeethWhiteningKits ships orders free throughout the UK and for a low cost to destinations worldwide. For more information about the teeth whitening kits, please contact 07972 851625 or email sharron@whiteteethwhiteningkits.co.uk.