Zeta Technology Group and Jeremy Madvin, successfully develop the world’s first Far Infrared Nutritional Supplement


Far Infrared energy has been successfully incorporated into a completely safe and highly efficient consumable form as Far Infrared Nutritional Supplement, by Zeta Technology.

The United States of America (5th January, 2016): Far infrared is an energy emitted by all living forms, earning it the name “wavelength of light”. It penetrates the human body and activates certain important metabolic functions and healing powers. The intensity of the wave emitted is an indicator of the health conditions of an individual. Technology has tried to embrace the positive impacts of Far Infrared Ray has on health, by incorporating them in various products. However, the success of development of such products has remained confined with non-consumable forum. In far Infrared Ray textiles, heaters, saunas, the wave propagates from the external environment into the body. However, it is clear that the efficiency of a consumable product would be far greater.

Now, Jeremy Madvin has successfully developed a Far Infrared Nutritional Supplement, along with Zeta technology, from “Generally Registered as Safe Ingredients”. Third Party Laboratory test results show that it is completely safely absorbed and digested by the body and highly efficient in promoting healthy blood circulation and a heathy heart, aiding digestion and an increase the functional activity of a number of internal organs. Additional ingredients may be incorporated into the Far Infrared Nutritional Supplement to yield improvement in the hosting of integral processes of the living body, including:

·       Detoxification process

·       Vascular Health

·       Metabolism

·       Brain Function

According to the inventor Jeremy Madvin, the Far Infrared Nutritional Supplement is “nothing short of revolutionary for the wellness sector. In many cases, the better the blood flow, the better the body’s ability to utilize the nutrients it needs.” As soon as Zeta Technology Group obtains the patent, the Far Infrared Nutritional Supplement will be available in the market. For further details, one can visit www.zetatechnology.com.


About Zeta Technology Group:

Zeta Technology produces a range of therapy products that provide pain and stress relief. Using unique technology, these products channel Far-Infrared and other energies to the body, reducing pain, swelling, and surface bruising. Use Zeta therapy products to help treat arthritis, repetitive stress injury, muscular inflammation, and to provide overall stress relief.

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