10 reason why you should recycle your old electronics



Every year in the Britain, millions of laptops, computers, and other electronics are thrown out. These items of IT computer hardware are often in excellent condition, yet deemed unworthy because a newer model of laptop computer, router, mobile phone etc. has arrived onto the market.

SocialBox.Biz a London based social enerprise is here to collect those no longer needed computers and laptops from small businesses and corporate offices and ensure they are effectively stored, recycled, and some re-homed to those in need.

10-benefit arising from electronic reuse and recycling:

1. It helps the environment.

It’s certainly tough on the environment when laptops end up in landfills. They almost never fully break down, and dangerous liquids can seep into the earth.

2. It helps resource collection.

A lot of special metals and chemicals go into the creation of computers, routers, and servers. Collecting these metals harms the environment. They are a fixed resource; so recycling them prevents unnecessary waste of these resources.

3. It boosts CSR.

Recycling redundant corporate laptops and computers instantly boosts a corporation’s social standing. With their CSR going up, the community will take notice and purchase services by a “green-friendly” corporation.

4. It saves corporation’s money.

Outscoring storage, disposal, re-use, recycling and donating no longer IT equipment saves money on IT budgets.

5. It helps the homeless.

SocialBox.Biz’s “Laptops for the Homeless” initiative ensures that these redundant laptops are re-homed to the ones that need it most.

6. It helps the economy.

Giving disenfranchised members of community access to the Internet will support them to contribute to the workforce. Without electronic access today, you are irrelevant in the job market. Lack of access to computers can also cause digital and social exclusion.

7. It helps the unemployed.

SocialBox.Biz is making sure up-cycling these redundant electronics gets in the hands of those most grateful. So many computers are wasted every year because a newer model came out.

8. It helps the community.

Allowing more community members to engage on-line will bring communities closer together. Communicating over the Internet allows for access to much needed information and solves the problem of digital and social exclusion.

9. It helps society.

Recycling helps society as a whole. Saving resources, sparing the environment, and bringing impoverished individuals out of homelessness benefits all of society.

10. It helps long-term, sustainable growth.

Bringing unemployed, the homeless, and the disadvantaged into the workforce ensures a more stable job market for our community. The lower the unemployment rate, the healthier the economy and lower the crime rate. Laptops are a direct way from unemployment to engagement.

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